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YES!!~ We did that!!

brick and mortar business coaching consulting inspire Aug 13, 2022

On July 31st, 2022 we welcomed in the Guinness judge to officially count the "1,000 Glass Items on Display" in our studio gallery.  Would we have enough bubbles to break the record?  Did the last 6 weeks of effort pay off?  This was the final day, if all went well- we'd break the record and win the title!

And yes, WE DID THAT!!

It was a raving success and after months of planning, we are the winners of this Guinness World Record.  So fun, so much work and effort, and yes, it was worth every minute of it. We'd do it again in a heartbeat.

However, that said, there are a ton of moving parts that need to be addressed before someone takes on an event like this.  My coaching program will have a video tutorial to share our process with you and see the behind the scenes of the actual event.  I will also share our time line, follow up post event and social strategy.  You too could pull off an event to this magnitude with the proper planning.

For us, we wanted to do an event that was larger than us and incorporated more than just a win for us.  We wanted a win for our city, for our state, for our glass community and for all the fans and supporters we had.  How to create an event with that much that much punch?  

It took us a few months to work out the details but when we did, it was super successful and we had all our boxes checked.  A challenge to for us to physically make the items, a hands on class for our customers to participate, an online sales version that out of state customers could participate in, a marketing plan that included our Top Ten organizations and a finished sculpture in the next 6 months.

If you want to succeed in a challenge it's best to have multiple players that can keep you on track and contribute to the event.  Our staff of 12 were fully engaged and on board for this event.  In fact, the event brought everyone closer and really bonded our team for the win, something I didn't quite expect until I saw it happen.

We invited 10 organization to partner with us with absolutely no obligation for them to do anything unless they bought into the idea as well.  Our project involved a physical hands on glass blowing class for a cost of $25.  Within that $25 was a $5 giveback to our Top Ten organizations.  At the end of the class, students would pick which organization they wanted to donate to by checking a box.  We had these organizations listed on our website, on our social, and in the physical studio by a laminated card we made with their logo and mission statement.


The organizations LOVED this!  They felt honored and cared for, seen and spoken for: and they didn't have to do anything for this extra exposure!

On the day of the event, they were welcomed to come and share their info with our customers via some tables we had set up for this event, bringing brochures or flyers, what ever they wanted.  For 2 hours prior to the official judging, they mingled with customers, each other, and the staff while enjoying free cake and beer and the food trucks we invited.

There are so many more layers to this story!  Find out our final profits from the event, the costs behind the event and the lasting social proof from hosting a World Record.

In my upcoming course, you'll hear all about the good, the bad and the ugly.  What we would have done differently, and better yet, the unexpected surprises that came from this marketing effort!

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