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About me

Hi, I’m Michelle! I can’t wait to help you use Creative Visioning to achieve a more inspired life!

Who am I and why this course?  I am an everyday woman with a ton of experience behind me and a business to boot.  As a serial entrepreneur I’ve learned quite a few things and I wanted to share that knowledge with other potential business owners so they could leapfrog ahead, avoid the mistakes and tribulations I had.

But if they did that, they would also miss the opportunity to grow and learn in their own way, one that related to them specifically.  And I do say this from experience.  If I had not had pain and suffering within my business, I would not have the wisdom and know how that I have to this day.

If someone did a Vision Board, their true dreams and visions would bubble up to the surface and show themselves.  And with that, I could help artists, entrepreneurs, business owners and just all humans  with the next steps they needed for growth..  Using the right language to grow in the direction of their dreams, really see what common threads the VB has that the maker may not recognize.  Then giving feedback and encouragement to grow that part of themselves.

Here’s some of the things we’ll discuss together.  The hows and whys of the SEED program and how YOU can use this to manifest your true desires.





S - Start


Sure, sounds easy - but are you willing to give time and energy into your highest goal? This takes work and commitment. The steps are easy and will show you how to begin, but the most important part is having a team that supports you, cheering you on!

E - Engage


This level lays out the steps to manifestation. Lots of time will be spent in reflection and purpose along with discussions so you can really speak your truth in a language that resonates with you. An example would be: Instead of saying, “I want to lose weight,” we’ll define that a bit more, dialing down to something more specific to the why. For me, it might be “I’d like to lose some weight so I have better agility and stamina when hiking in the mountains.” When I say it this way, I have a clear defined why that makes me happy and the goal achievable. On my board, perhaps a picture of a mountain and hiking boots translates to my goal vs. a slender woman in workout clothes (the kind I’d never wear, doing some sort of exercise I’d never do, etc.)

E - Envision


This is a key element. In the Facebook group and on the group chats - we’ll dive into the verbiage that our subconscious mind loves to hear. Empowering things like “I know I can write that book because I’m setting aside 30 minutes, 3 times per week to do so,” or “I know the perfect relationship is out there for me so I’m going to keep making myself available to try new things, so I meet new people.” The words we speak are powerful. Let’s make sure we use them to obtain our visions. We’ll have tips, exercises, and great How-tos to get you speaking the “right” language.

D - Dominate


When I get my hair done, I want the stylist who’s confident, bold, and does great work. When my hair is all tied up in foil squares and I look like a wet rat under those fluorescent lights - I want my stylist to say, “Honey, we’re going to get you looking gorgeous!” They are leading me down a path to greatness. I want to believe the dream they are selling me!

These vision boards are for you to dominate the dreams, goals, and visions you have for yourself. You’ve got to believe that you will look gorgeous! You’ve got to dominate everything you’ve placed on that board - or it’s got no place on there. We’ll show you how to have that confidence and success with this program.

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Why I'm Offering These Courses


During my lifetime, I’ve taught courses on vision boarding with my friends as a hobby - a way to get together and celebrate, to share in their dreams and to cheer them on. As the years rolled by, many people would later comment to me, “I found my vision board in my closet. It’s crazy how many of the items on the board came true!” Or they would say, “Wow, I didn’t think it was possible, but now looking back, I see how the seed was planted for all the harvest I have today!” These are real people.

These methods work and I want everyone to have the same joy and prosperity in their lives.

One of my main reasons why I want to share this process is because in my boards, I found a theme that held them all together. It was a very subtle timeline of a project that was brewing. At first, I didn’t even really notice. One or two images showed up, then the images got bolder, bigger, and the descriptive words I placed by these images resonated more and more.

At one point, I posted all the boards in a row, oldest to newest. When next to each other, the theme was constant and I knew the timing was right to act. The past 10-12 years had prepared me for this next endeavor and the seed was growing!

Knowing how this idea evolved over years - and knowing how entrepreneurs process growth, I decided to develop the Seed Course to assist people with a visual manifestation of how to take action. Since it’s worked for me, I know it can work for others. And if I can assist others, giving them a leg up to manifest their dreams - I’m all for it!

If you want to experience the joys that I have - be sure to sign up below so I can show you how!

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